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February 11th, 2022

We sit down to discuss THE ASSASSIN'S BLADE - the book of 5 prequel novellas in Sarah J Maas's THRONE OF GLASS series! We talk foreshadowing, fun character cameos, doomed first loves, and so much more! We might have finally gotten Tasia to cry on the podcast with this one, so buckle up - it's an emotional ride. SPOILER WARNING: While we are covering the other books in this series spoiler-free, due to the foreshadowing nature of these books we decided there was no way we could have a full discussion of it without talking about the implications of these events to the rest of the series. So if you haven't finished the entire THRONE OF GLASS series yet and don't wish to be spoiled, save this one for when you're done and join us next time for HEIR OF FIRE! Until then, don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!

As always, thanks to Martha Riley for our art and Djempirical for our music.

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