Act YA Age


April 30th, 2021

We are joined by our Grishaverse crew, Jessie and Aubrey, to talk everything SHADOW AND BONE on Netflix! We talk casting, our favorite (and least favorite) adaptive choices, GOAT goats, and where we think the show will go next! SPOILER WARNING: We decided that the only way we could analyze how the show fits into the entire Grishaverse was to include the entire written Grishaverse in our analysis - this means everything from the SHADOW AND BONE trilogy, the SIX OF CROWS duology, and the KING OF SCARS duology is on the table. That said, we don't get very deep into it - these spoilers mostly remain pretty vague. But if you plan to read those and you don't want to be spoiled on anything at all please come back later! Don't forget to stick around til the end when we announce what we're covering next week!

As always, thanks to Martha Riley for our art, Djempirical for our music, and Tim for editing

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